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Te Rōpū Mate Huka o Aotearoa welcomes Terry Ehau as the newly appointed Chairperson. Denise Perkins, Health Team Manager/Practice Nurse at Rauawaawa Trust, also joins Te Rōpū Mate Huka o Aotearoa as a new Executive Committee member.

elcome, to the home of The Māori Diabetes Collective of New Zealand; Te Rōpū Mate Huka ō Aotearoa. The information on our website is to inform the general public and raise the awareness of the affects of this illness, within the Māori community.

The instances of Diabetes within the Māori cummunity has become an epidemic. Type 2 diabetes is occurring within our Māori Communities, driven mainly by demographic trends and the increasing prevalence of obesity.

Two out of three Maori and Pacific diabetics die from diabetes – compared to one in three European. This is due to many contributing factors, however, one can't ignore the fact that diet, smoking, physical activity and weight control have played a major part in contributing.


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